The inbox for the music industry

We're making it easier for DJs, record labels, radio stations and other music industry professionals to manage incoming music.

Say goodbye to sifting through hundreds of tracks looking for the perfect sounds. Musio learns from your listening habits and bumps the tracks you should be listening to to the top of the queue.

Musio for Artists

A new way to get your music discovered by the right people in the industry.

Musio helps you connect with the most relevant record labels, DJs, promoters, radio stations and journalists for the music you're making.

Collect detailed analytics and feedback so you know who's listening and who's interested in your music.


Musio for Industry

Streamline the way you receive and listen to promos and demos.

Musio helps you discover great new music and connects you with only the most relevant emerging artists. Our algorithm prioritises tracks in your inbox based on your tastes.

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Mal Chia

CEO & Co-Founder

Mal is an award-winning marketer and music industry veteran with experience as a DJ, artist and radio station manager who understands first hand the challenge of being sent hundreds of tracks each week.


Oli Young

CTO & Co-Founder

Oli is an experienced full-stack software developer devoted to finding simple, elegant solutions for large tech problems. He is well versed in building successful platforms.

About Musio

know firsthand how hard it is to get through all the music the industry receives every day. That's why we're on a mission to make their lives easier and break new artists too.

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